Key Accounts

DEMCO is committed to working with our members to determine individual needs and goals.  As with most any utility, our member base is a diverse mixture of residential, small and large commercial/industrial loads. 

Due to the focus of a commercial business being much different than a residential counterpart, DEMCO has designed a Key Account program to work with specifically designated commercial members.  Through this program you will have one direct point of contact to communicate with on your account.


Our Key Account program categorizes specific members –
All Critical Care, Select Large C&I Loads, Schools & Select Utilities

Penny Fruge, our Key Account Specialist, will work with each assigned account to monitor and communicate issues of concern in areas such as reliable service, rate structure, energy-efficiency, future facility expansions and any additional concerns that may affect these members.  

If you were notified that you are a DEMCO Key Account, and if you have any questions & concerns regarding your account, please contact Penny Fruge: direct office @ 225.292.3072 or cell @ 225.341.9984. She is happy to assist you with all your account needs, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Account information changes
  2. Expansions
  3. Billing Issues
  4. Outage information

Our Key Account Specialist is part of the DEMCO Business Development Team 

All new loads or expansions will be directed to our Business Development Manager and the team will coordinate the new project from beginning to completion.