Power Restoration

Steps to Restoring Power

DEMCO adheres to standard utility practices when repairing and energizing its lines. The restoration process follows a specific sequence, ensuring a systematic approach. Once safety conditions permit, such as winds below 35 mph, receded floodwaters and cleared debris, DEMCO initiates a 5-STEP Powering Up process:

  1. Step 1: Transmission Towers and Lines

    • Repair and restoration of transmission towers and lines are prioritized. This is essential for receiving and transmitting power from substations for distribution.
  2. Step 2: Local Distribution Substations

    • Correcting problems at this level can result in the restoration of power to hundreds or thousands of members.
  3. Step 3: Main Distribution Lines

    • Main distribution lines deliver power from the substation to large groups of members and also serve critical infrastructure such as hospitals, water towers, and sewer treatment plants.
  4. Step 4: Lateral Taps

    • Repair of lateral taps that branch from the main line to streets and neighborhoods.
  5. Step 5: Individual Service Lines

    • The final and often longest step in the restoration process involves repairing individual service lines between homes and transformers on nearby poles, which ensures power is fully restored at the individual member level.

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What's Yours? What's Ours


DEMCO is responsible for the wire or service line to the house and the electric meter, while the remaining components are your responsibility.


All the necessary equipment for DEMCO to supply power is attached to your home or business.

If your equipment is damaged, you must engage a qualified electrician for repairs before restoring your power.

Whats Yours Whats Ours



Below is a breakdown of the components for which you are responsible and those for which DEMCO assumes responsibility.

Equipment YOU are responsible for:

  • The meter box is a metallic enclosure housing our meter and safeguarding your connections to it.

For above-ground service:

  • The pipe extends from the meter base, protecting the lines entering your residence or business and the junction where your lines interface with ours.
  • The Weatherhead atop the pipe, housing the connecting wires in a hood-like structure with the face directed downward at an angle.
  • The attachment hardware constitutes the customer conduit riser situated above the meter pan. For residences without a riser extending through the roof, this involves a galvanized eyebolt, which you must provide, install, and maintain.

For underground service:

  • The riser conduit leads into the meter base shields the lines entering your residence or business and the juncture where your line connects with ours.

Equipment that DEMCO is responsible for:

  • DEMCO service wire, delivering energy from the service pole (overhead) or pad-mounted transformer pedestal (underground) to your home or business.
  • DEMCO electric meter, which monitors the amount of energy you consume.

Following repairs conducted by a licensed electrician, coordinate with your city for inspection requirements. Subsequently, inform DEMCO at 844-MyDEMCO to initiate the restoration of your service.