Whats Yours Whats Ours

The meter is DEMCO’s property.

DO NOT CUT THE SEAL. If the meter seal is missing, please notify DEMCO immediately so they can inspect and reseal the meter.

DO NOT ENTER THE METER BASE. Please call 1-844-MyDEMCO to request meter installation or meter removal. There is no charge to the member for DEMCO to disconnect and make a facility safe before performing electrical repair or installing a generator.

ONLY DEMCO AUTHORIZED TECHNICIANS are permitted to install and remove DEMCO meters.

Failure to comply can result in severe injury or death. Meter tampering also compromises the safety of DEMCO’s electrical system, exposes the general public to potential hazards, and can result in the assessment of multiple fees, reconnection delays due to parish permitting requirements, and the risk of unsafe meter operation.

POWER THEFT IS A CRIME that includes:

  • Utility Theft is any attempt or action that prevents the meter from correctly registering the amount of electricity used by the member or the removal of the meter disconnect device.
  • Power Diversion is a form of utility theft that includes any method used to divert electricity.
  • Meter Tampering is any tampering that directly or indirectly results in or could result in electricity theft. This includes damage to the meter seal and other locking devices.
  • Breaking a meter seal, opening a meter base, removing a meter, or altering the electric service.

Intentional or not, if your electric service is altered by anyone other than a DEMCO-authorized technician, power theft may occur, and your service may be disconnected.

What happens when meter tampering or power theft is discovered?

  • If a non-DEMCO technician installs or removes your meter, DEMCO will disconnect your service.
  • Law enforcement may be called when any instance of power theft is detected.

What fees are associated with reconnecting if a meter is disconnected due to tampering or power theft?

  • All tamper fees, plus a maximum $275 deposit and the connect fee, are required before reconnecting.
  • $200 tampering fee
  • $28.50 missing/damaged red disconnect meter collar
  • $150.00 missing/damaged meter
  • $10.00 per day for unmetered usage

(Depending on parish permitting requirements, members may be required to get a permit to reconnect after tampering has been found; fees and timelines vary by parish.)

Who is responsible for the fees associated with meter tampering or power theft?

  • If the DEMCO account is active, the current member will be assessed for tampering and usage charges.
  • If the account is inactive and tampering or power theft has been found, a lease/ownership and ID are required to determine where tampering fees will be applied.