We focus on keeping the lights on so you can focus on the moments that power your life.

System Upgrades

One of the most important things we do to provide reliable electricity is to maintain and update our infrastructure. We regularly inspect, improve, and monitor 9,195+ miles of line across seven parishes. This includes changing old poles, updating and maintaining substations, and replacing overhead and underground.

Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system also increases the efficiency of our system upgrades and maintenance by continuously monitoring equipment status and performance and feeding the information back to our Power Control technicians. This is one of the many ways we’re working to bring you reliable power.

Smart Technology

Our smart grid includes smart meters, a fiber-optic network for fast and secure communications from the field to the office, and a technologically advanced power control system, which has been studied by utilities across the nation and worldwide. This smart technology helps keep your lights on, even when a problem arises. Our Control Center technicians provide centralized monitoring of power system operations and weather 24/7, 365 days a year. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology allows our power control team to monitor the electrical system from our headquarters operations center. 

DEMCO combines Geographic Information System (GIS) and Outage Management System (OMS) to group outages and predict the outage location. Onsite power control technicians manage our workforce management system in a highly sophisticated system control center. Dispatchers review outages and work to coordinate assignments to crews in the field. Additionally, DEMCO integrates wireless and other electronic systems to improve response times and service to our members.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are digital meters that use the latest advanced metering and communications technologies. This allows our power control team to know exactly when a meter on our system loses power. In many cases, we’re able to diagnose the problem and restore power immediately – all from our campus – through automation. 

Smart meters are able to transmit hourly meter readings through secure two-way communications back to DEMCO, similar to a cell phone network. 

Smart meters also allow you to track electricity use by the hour so you can make smart energy decisions.

Tree Trimming

Many of the power outages in our service area are tree-related. Trees and limbs falling on overhead lines often cause blinks and power outages. 

We work hard to prevent this type of outage by proactively trimming trees along our power lines. Maintaining co-op rights of way reduces outages and eliminates safety hazards for our crews and the public.