Spreading Joy: DEMCO Student Ambassadors Participate in Service Initiative

Greenwell Springs, Louisiana—DEMCO’s Youth Cooperative Ambassador Program (YCAP) students, class of 2024, conducted a service project at Flannery Oaks Guest House over the weekend. Embodying the cooperative principle 'Concern for Community,' students engaged in a project that exemplified the spirit of cooperation and compassion.

Students distributed a basket to each resident, filled with washcloths, flashlights, batteries, puzzle books and pens, lip balm, jar grippers, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, socks, and lotion.  

"Our objective for this service project was to provide meaningful interactions for the Flannery Oaks Guest House residents," stated Chanon Martin.

As part of the activities, the ambassadors organized three bingo games; winners received a blanket as a prize.

"The residents appeared to enjoy the games and company," remarked Martin. "It was heartening to witness the positive impact of our engagement efforts."

YCAP is a program for 9th and 10th-grade high school students to learn about the cooperative business model, explore career options, network with other students and professionals, enhance financial literacy, and build and improve leadership skills through interactions with community and industry leaders. Applications are accepted beginning September 1, for the spring session of workshops, seminars, peer group activities, and a community service project.

Class of 2024 YCAP student ambassadors L to R: J’Niya Graham, Haydon Johnson, Adam Bradford, Laurel Schlatre, Darnell Sylve, Laci Dudley, Jayme Neuschafer, Amber Burton, Danielle Boers, Trace Macias, Dylan Phagans and Grace Ely.