Levelized Billing

The Levelized Billing program is designed to bill an amount approximately equal to an annual monthly average. This helps to avoid seasonal variations in your electric bill. It does not reduce your monthly or annual bill, but it helps you manage your budget because the monthly bill is figured as your annual monthly average. Enrollment is available at the Member's option and all provisions within the governing rate apply.

Terms and Conditions for Eligibility

  • An applicant must be a member for at least one year to qualify for the program.
  • Program available for Rate 1 or Rate 2 members only.
  • The current bill must be paid to a zero balance.
  • Timely monthly payments are required. The member will be removed from the program if the payment is not made in accordance with DEMCO Standard Terms and Conditions for Electric Service.
  • Should the Member terminate service or elect to be removed, any account balance will be due and payable on the next due date and/or credit will be due, payable on the next due date.

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