Net Metering

Net Metering is available to DEMCO residential and commercial members.

DEMCO is not, nor has any future plans, to engage in door-to-door sales of solar panels and has no contractual affiliations with any such entities. If members are ever concerned with safety, they should certainly call the police to report the incident.

Net Metering is available to DEMCO residential and commercial members. To assist members in setting up and expediting net metering, we ask that you note and adhere to the following items. All requirements in the attached documentation apply and are utilized to govern in the event of a conflict with the items listed below.

  1. All facilities included in and associated with the proposed Net Metered Solar Installation must be installed in accordance with the latest applicable edition of the National Electrical Code, all applicable local codes, the equipment manufacturers' recommendations and requirements, and applicable industry standards.
  2. The installation must include an AC Disconnect that isolates and separates the Net Metered Solar Installation from DEMCO's Electric Utility System. The referenced disconnect must be located on the building's exterior within 5 (five) feet of the DEMCO meter, must be accessible and operable by DEMCO personnel, must be lockable by DEMCO personnel using a standard padlock, and must be appropriately labeled as an AC Net Metered or Solar Disconnect in accordance with National Electrical Code requirements.
  3. The Net Metered Solar Installation must be permitted and inspected by the local permitting and inspecting authority. Final system verification and interconnection by DEMCO cannot be completed until the system has passed final inspection by the local governing authority. Confirmation of passage of the final inspection should be indicated by the inspector executing, signing, and dating Section 4, Item 1 of the "Standard Interconnection Agreement for Net Metering Facilities". DEMCO, at its discretion, may accept a Final Inspection Certificate indicating inspection passage in lieu of the inspector's signature.
  4. All documentation required in the attached agreement and documents, including an electrical one-line diagram of the system, should be submitted with the application for DEMCO's review and approval.

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Placards Information for Vendors

Policies Related to Customer-Owned Solar Generation: How Net Metering accounts are credited for excess power generated.

DEMCO’s 2023 avoided cost rate is $0.02759 per kWh. This rate is updated annually based on data from the previous year, with the updated rate to be posted by April.