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DEMCO requires a connect fee of $35.00 for residential locations and $40.00 for commercial locations. The deposit is required prior to service connection; the connect fee will be included in the first month's bill. Within two business days of submitting your application for service, you will receive an email to confirm that your request is in process. If additional documentation is required prior to establishing service, details will be provided therein.

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Paperless Billing

When you sign up for paperless billing statements, you can say goodbye to the monthly clutter of another paper bill in the mail. Instead, your statement will be emailed to you.

Operation Roundup

Operation Roundup is a voluntary program for members to round up their electric bill to the nearest dollar. That ‘extra change’ funds the DEMCO Foundation, a non-profit charitable subsidiary of DEMCO, to assist DEMCO members in times of hardship. About two-thirds of DEMCO members participate each year and the average annual contribution is $6.00.

By submitting this application, I am authorizing DEMCO to perform a credit check to determine if a deposit is required for service.

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