4/15/2024 Restoration Update

Greenwell Springs, LA – DEMCO and mutual aid crews continue working diligently to restore power to communities affected by the recent Category 1 tornado. Despite the challenges posed by this natural disaster, significant progress has been made, with only 69 outages remaining, primarily in remote rural areas requiring extensive resources and time to address.

Chad LaCost, DEMCO's Field Training Specialist, emphasized the unseen efforts, particularly in rural service areas like Spillman, Louisiana. "After such a devastating storm, especially in rural service areas, you can't always see the work getting done. Today, crews are working in an area 800 feet across and 100 feet down to Thompson Creek – hours and many highly skilled crewmen are dedicated to getting the job done," said LaCost.

truck on bridge

Behind the scenes, DEMCO staff coordinates meals, housing, and laundry to ensure crews are well cared for and can rest well between work shifts. David Jewell, St. Francisville district manager, expressed pride in the collective endeavor to reinstate power to members. He estimates that all members will awaken to restored power tomorrow morning.

DEMCO extends its deepest gratitude to the mutual aid crews whose dedication and expertise are instrumental in bringing relief to affected communities.