Outage Map Features


After a severe storm or hurricane, DEMCO's website homepage highlights information, outages, and restoration progress.


Green line: No outages

Red line: Power outage Confirmed
Orange line: Power outage Probable

More about the new orange line feature:

The orange line means DEMCO received an outage report, but crews have not confirmed the outage OR the extent of the outage.

  • When DEMCO receives an outage report through MyDEMCO, from our website or through the phone system 1-844-MyDEMCO #1, the outage and areas that may be affected will be reflected on the outage map as an orange line.
  • Once an outage is confirmed, it will turn to red.


  • Based on knowledge we have at the time the outage was confirmed
  • May change once crews arrive and assess the damage