TSE Home & Water Heater Program

New Construction Only

Rebates: (must meet requirements below)

TSE Home Rebate

*.10 cents per square foot of living area

Water Heater Rebate

*A: Touchstone Energy Home receives up to 2 rebates at $125.00 each (1500 sq ft or larger)

*B: Non-Touchstone Energy Home receives up to 2 rebates at $100.00 each (1500 sq ft or larger)

*Members must sign up for load management to participate in either TSE or WH rebate program.

The Touchstone Energy® Home is an excellent program designed to help DEMCO members with building an energy efficient home that is all-electric. Technically, the use of these features means that a home's energy requirements for heating and cooling can be reduced by as much as 40 percent over a conventionally constructed home while maintaining and even improving comfort levels. As DEMCO has always placed a high priority on energy efficiency, this program provides the member with a roadmap to building an energy efficient home and offers special incentives.

Touchstone Energy® Home Requirements:

  1. R-19 composite wall insulation
  2. R-30 ceiling insulation
  3. Attic ventilation
  4. R-19 floor insulation over crawl spaces
  5. Double pane windows or single pane with storm windows
  6. Metal insulated doors or solid core wood doors
  7. Infiltration controls to help prevent air from leaking into and out of the home
  8. Exhaust systems in bathrooms and kitchen
  9. An exterior house wrap
  10. Metal duct systems with minimum 3" insulation wrap
  11. An energy-efficient electric water heater
  12. A high-efficiency electric heat pump
  13. Load management terminal (LMT) device

Water Heater Requirements:

  • Electric – 240 volt or greater.
  • Capacity of 40 gallons or greater.
  • Energy rating of .92 or higher.
  • Installed by licensed plumber to meet all state and local building code.

If you would like to find out more, contact DEMCO at 225-262-3072.