Municipal Pumping Service - Schedule MP- Bill Code (6)

APPLICABILITY: This rate is applicable to municipalities or other government units, subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions of the Cooperative for Electric Service, to be used in the operation of pumping plants for storm drainage or sewer pumping, operated for the benefit of the general public, or municipality owned and operated water works system.

TYPE OF SERVICE: Service will be rendered at the Cooperative's standard phase and voltage at point of service.


Monthly Service Charge $12.00
First 50,000 KWH used per month 7.408 cents per KWH
Next 100,000 KWH used per month 6.508 cents per KWH
Additional KWH used per month 5.958 cents per KWH

POWER COST ADJUSTMENT: The above charges shall be increased as determined under Power Cost Adjustment Clause PCA-DE.

TAX ADJUSTMENT CHARGE: The monthly bill will be adjusted for any new or increased taxes on revenues, load and-or energy, or which can otherwise be directly allocated to service hereunder.

RIDERS: Riders FF-CR, SCRR and FRP are avaialable under this schedule.