APPLICABILITY: This rate is applicable under the Standard Terms and Conditions for Electric Service to volunteer fire departments. These facilities must be owned, rented, or leased by recognized volunteer fire departments serving the public. Private or municipal owned departments are not eligible for this rate.

TYPE OF SERVICE: Service shall be single-phase except that three-phase service may be rendered hereunder at the Cooperative's option where such service is available. Where three-phase service is rendered, the Monthly Service Charge will be $30.65 (Bill Code 39).

Monthly Service Charge: $26.00
Plus Energy Charge: 5.4283 cents per KWH

MINIMUM CHARGE: The minimum monthly charge will be the highest of $26.00 per month, or the charge specified in a contract for service.

POWER COST ADJUSTMENT: The above charges shall be adjusted as determined under Power Adjustment Clause PCA-DE.

TAX ADJUSTMENT CHARGE: The monthly bill will be adjusted for any new or increased taxes on revenues, load and/or energy, or which otherwise can be directly allocated to the service hereunder.

RIDERS: Riders FF-CR, SCRR and FRP are available under this schedule.