APPLICABILITY: This rate is applicable under the Standard Terms and Conditions for Electric Service for all domestic purposes for non-residences, non-commercial loads such as pumps, barns, shops, pools, temporary construction services, etc.

TYPE OF SERVICE: Service shall be single-phase except that three-phase service may be rendered hereunder at the Cooperative's option where such service is available. Where three-phase service is rendered, an additional charge of $4.65 per month will be added to the Monthly Service Charge (Bill Code 15).

Monthly Service Charge (No KWH): $14.75 per month
Plus Energy Charge 5.4283 cents per KWH

MINIMUM CHARGE: The minimum monthly charge will be the highest of the Monthly Service Charge of $14.75 per month, or the charge specified in a contract for service. The minimum charge between date of beginning of service and termination will be $25.00.

POWER COST ADJUSTMENT: The above charges shall be adjusted as determined under Power Cost Adjustment Clause PCA-DE.

TAX ADJUSTMENT CHARGE: The monthly bill will be adjusted for any new or increased taxes on revenues, load and/or energy, or which otherwise can be directly allocated to the service hereunder.

RIDERS: Riders FF-CR, SCRR and FRP are available under this schedule.