APPLICABILITY: This rate is available to commercial, small industrial, public facilities, multiple family residences and mining less than 40 KVA subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions for Electric Service of the Cooperative.

Members having their home on the same premises with their business establishments may include service to both on the same meter, in which case all service will be billed under this schedule, using the rate set out below. If the consumer prefers, he may make provisions for two meters with his residential usage billed under the appropriate residential schedule and his usage for business purposes billed under this schedule and rate.

TYPE OF SERVICE: Service will be rendered at the Cooperative's standard phase and voltage available at point of service. Where three phase service is rendered, an additional monthly charge of $4.65 will be added to the Service Charge (Bill Code 93).


Energy Rate of 5.4283 cents per kWh.

Monthly Service Charge: $28.00 per month plus Energy charges:

MINIMUM CHARGE: The minimum charge will be the highest of $28.00 per month or $1.00 per KVA of required transformer capacity in excess of 10 KVA or the charge specified in a contract for service.

POWER COST ADJUSTMENT: The above charges shall be increased as determined under Power Cost Adjustment Clause PCA-DE.

TAX ADJUSTMENT CHARGE: The monthly bill will be adjusted for any new or increased taxes on revenues, load and/or energy, or which otherwise can be directly allocated to the service hereunder.

RIDERS: Riders CILM is available under this schedule.