Yard Light

A DEMCO yard light can enhance your nighttime activities and offer security for your property year-round.

  • Always provide sufficient lighting at all doors, windows and other openings to your house. Deny the cover of darkness to an intruder.
  • Light the front of your property. This makes a statement to individuals who might be considering breaking in. You might also encourage your neighbors to do so as well. A well-lit neighborhood is a deterrent to crime
  • Light areas that you may need to frequent at night. Look for danger points like steps or uneven walking surfaces. For example, the path to an outside workshop or firewood storage shed. 

Monthly Fees

Type of Light

  • 100-Watt Sodium Vapor (7,000 - 10,000 Lumens)................ $ 8.35*
  • 250-Watt Sodium Vapor (10,001 - 29,000 Lumens)..............$14.00*
  • 400-Watt Sodium Vapor (29,001 - 60,000 Lumens)..............$29.02*
  • 1000-Watt Sodium Vapor (60,001 -155,000 Lumens) ..........$52.46*
  • *Plus power cost adjustment (PCA)

$10.00 Connect Fee

$100.00 Installation Fee (if pole required)

Yard Lights can only be installed on DEMCO light poles.