When is my bill due?

Your bill is due upon receipt and is considered late one day after your bill due date.  Late payments are assessed a 5% penalty fee.  A five-day grace period will be automatically allowed on the account, and a delinquent notice will be mailed to confirm the last date to pay prior to possible suspension of services.

Can I change my bill/due date?

Bill dates are determined by your meter location for efficiency in our meter reading operations.  If the billing and due dates are inconvenient, you may be interested in these options:

Sign up for an automatic bank draft or Auto Pay using a debit or credit card or e-check.

Pre-pay your bill at any time. If you over-pay, you will have a credit on your account toward the next bill.

For assistance, visit with a DEMCO member services representative Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30 using the live chat feature at www.DEMCO.org or call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626). 

What payment options are available?

  • Local Office:  Payment may be made at your local branch office in cash, check, and money order.
  • By Mail:  Use the provided envelope that accompanies your bill.
  • Online:  Go to your MyDEMCO account at www.demco.org to pay by debit or credit card or by electronic check (direct debit from your checking account).
  • By Phone:  Call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626) Option 2, then follow the voice prompts. 
  • By Bank Draft:  Go to your MyDEMCO account online visit www.demco.org and select Account Services, then select the Bank Draft option.  The application can also be completed by mail or by visiting one of our DEMCO district offices via drive-thru service.  Our member service representatives will be happy to assist you. 
  • Alternate Payment Locations:  For a list of approved alternate payment sites, go to Member Services/Payment Locations.  Please note that using an alternate off-site payment facility may delay receipt of your payment by 1 to 3 business days; however, your account will be credited for the date that it was paid at the alternate site.

I have enrolled to pay my bill by Bank Draft.When will my bill draft from my bank account?

Your bank account will be drafted on the due date listed on your bill.

Members who pay by bank draft are eligible to win a $50 gift card. Winning account numbers are published in each issue of our co-op magazine Along these LINES. 

How do I log in to MyDEMCO account?

To log on to your MyDEMCO account, go to the www.DEMCO.org/MyDEMCO log-on page. Videos are available to help you register your account.

FAQs are provided to assist you in setting up your account preferences. 

If you need assistance, you can live chat with a member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 at www.demco.org.

Where can I find my account number?

Your account number is printed on your bill. You can also find your new MyDEMCO account number at https://www.DEMCO.org/account-lookup-form

If you need assistance, you can live chat with a member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 at www.demco.org.

My password isn't working. How can I access my account?

If you have already updated your username to your email address, click here to go to our password reset page. There, you’ll be asked to enter some information: your account number, last name or business and the email address associated with your DEMCO account. Click “Submit.” Next you’ll answer a security question (either billing ZIP code or most recent bill amount), then enter and confirm your new password. You also might be able to retrieve your password from your preferred website browser.


How do I sign up for paperless billing?

After logging in at DEMCO.org, click on the “My Profile” tab, then the “Update My Paperless Settings” tab. Toggle the “Paperless” button to “ON,” and click “Yes.”

On our mobile app, log in, click the “More” tab at the bottom, click “Settings,” then “Paperless Billing.” Toggle the button to the left and click “Yes.”

Can I view my account history online or get a copy of my current or past bills?

Why is my bill so high?

There are a number of factors that influence the total amount due on your electric bill. Here are some of the first things to check:

  • Compare the usage from the same month last year to the current month.  You can view 13 months of data on the front of your bill, using the chart provided.
  • You can check last year’s usage by examining the comparisons section of your bill or by accessing your account online.
  • Check the number of days of service on your bill.  Are there more days between readings than on your previous bills?
  • Be sure to compare how many days are in this billing cycle compared to previous billing cycles. 
  • Check for any charges beyond the current electric service on the bill.  Have past due amounts been added to the total? Are there miscellaneous charges added to the bill?  Check for outdoor lighting or meter-based surge protector rental fees, etc.
  • Take note if any of your appliances that are considered to be large power users in your home have been running more than normal or in need of servicing.  For example, the air conditioner in hot weather or the heating system in cold weather may need servicing.
  • Check the water heater temperature setting, and take note when you have extra dishes, laundry, baths and showers.
  • Always ensure that your home has proper insulation and air leaks are minimized.

If you still have questions about your bill, you can also live chat with a member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 at www.demco.org or call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626).

How are net metering accounts credited for excess generated power?

Click here for more information.

What is DEMCO's avoided cost rate?

DEMCO's 2020 avoided cost rate is $0.02018 per kWh.

How do I make application to connect service?

Applications to connect service can be made by phone, in the office, or online using your MyDEMCO account.

The applicant will be required to furnish personal information, billing information, and personal identification numbers as well as information pertinent to the address for which the connection applies.  All applications for service will be subject to a credit check to determine if a security deposit is required.  If applicable, receipt of permits and deposits is required in advance of service. 

For assistance, please live chat with a member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 at www.demco.org or call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626) and follow the phone prompts.


Why are permits required to connect some services?

Each parish or city sets their own ordinance pertaining to building and electrical inspections.  In some areas, the Louisiana State Health Department will also require a separate permit and inspection.  The requirements for these inspections will vary with the parish or city in which you live.  Our Customer Service Department will inform you at the time of application if a permit is required for the area or address that you are moving to.  It is important to note that in most parishes the permit specifically must be issued with the same name that the utility account is listed in.

How long in advance should I call when I need to disconnect service?

Please make your request at least 3 working days in advance of the desired disconnect date and no further in advance than 25 days.

Who do I need to call if I plan to dig on my property?

BEFORE YOU DIG, call 8-1-1 at least two full workdays before excavation is scheduled to begin or visit https://www.louisiana811.com/locate-request for internet ticketing and other tools to assist you. If calling from out of state or near state geographical boundaries, dial 811 or toll-free 1-800-272-3020.

The service is free to everyone, including homeowners and contractors alike, to help prevent hitting the various utilities that are underground. 

Using color paint, utilities will be marked which serves to notify any operators of underground utilities or facilities in an area before you dig.

What number do I call if I have an outage or an emergency?

If you experience an outage or have an electric emergency, call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-866-693-3626) Option 1 any time, day or night.

You may also report an outage online at www.demco.org or using your MyDEMCO account.

DEMCO also has a free mobile app for iPhone and GooglePlay with a 'Report Outage' feature.  

Who do I call to check or repair a security light or street light?

Visit www.DEMCO.org and click the CONTACT US button


Log In to your MyDEMCO account to report your street light or security light issue.  

You can also make a report using the live chat feature at www.demco.org with a member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 or call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626). 

My service was scheduled to be connected before today, but I do not have power. What should I do?

In cases where homes are equipped with an external breaker, our connector will turn the external breaker to the OFF position for safety once the meter is connected.  Members should always turn their internal breakers to the OFF position for safety prior to connection.  Once connected, check your inside breaker panel (and any external main breaker if your home is equipped with one) to ensure that all breakers are in the ON position.  If you do not receive power once all breakers are in the ON position, or if you are not sure where to locate the breakers in your home, please contact DEMCO for assistance to check for any problems.

For help, you can use the live chat feature at www.demco.org to receive assistance from a DEMCO member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 or call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626). 

What is Operation Roundup® and am I required to participate in the program?

Operation Roundup® is an assistance program operated separately from DEMCO.  The program derives its funds from participating members who choose to contribute.  For participating members, monthly bills will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.  These few remaining cents each month go into a fund that is handled and dispersed by the DEMCO Foundation.  Assistance from the DEMCO Foundation is available to DEMCO members only through qualifying applications.  These funds are allocated for assistance other than electric bills. Operation Roundup® is voluntary and can be started or stopped at any time the member chooses.  For more information visit www.demco.org and click the DEMCO Foundation navigation link under the Community tab.

What are the relevant Louisiana statutes?

What is the pole attachment application fee?

DEMCO charges an application fee of $200 for pole attachment requests up to 15 poles.

Submit your completed application and fee to: DEMCO, 16262 Wax Road, Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 ATTN: Joint Use 

Download the application by clicking here.

What does it mean when I see ‘EST' on my bill?

If you see 'EST' on your bill, this means we did not receive your meter reading, so the amount on your bill may not reflect actual usage.

Please contact DEMCO to report the issue so we can get an accurate reading on your meter.


You can use the live chat feature at www.demco.org to receive assistance from a DEMCO member services representative Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 or call 1-844-MyDEMCO (1-844-693-3626).