Youth Tour Experiences

Nearly 50,000 students from rural areas and small towns across America have participated in the Rural Electric Youth Tour Program. Youth Tour alumni have gone on to design airplanes, to lead companies and to serve in the highest ranks of our government, including the U.S. Senate.

Click to listen to an impressive group of Youth Tour alumni share how they benefited from the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C., meet their legislators and make life-long friendships with high school students from across the United States.

While student groups are organized at the state level, everyone comes together for Youth Day, where you get to meet each other and hear featured speakers who provide insight to the important roles electric cooperatives play in their communities.

You will also meet student leaders from nearly every state, and you will make friendships that last a lifetime.  Be part of a group that has more than 50,000 alumni in every walk of life including U.S. Senators and CEOs.

*Customarily the prize for the winners is a free trip to the NRECA Rural Electric Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. If by chance the 2023 trip is cancelled, the prize will be a $2,000 scholarship award!